Stefano Ivancich

About Me

Hi, I'm Stefano Ivancich. I'm a Computer Engineering student curious about new technologies. Spending my free time in the development of Machine Learning projects, Android apps, Back-end infrastructures and studying business skills.


Computer Engineering BSc

Oct 2015 – Jul 2019 University of Padua Padua

Main courses: Artificial Intelligence, Database design, Data structures & algorithms, Operative Systems, Project Management, Computer architecture, Control Theory, Circuit theory, Linear Algebra, Mathematical Analysis, Physics 1 & 2 ...
Thesis: Alzheimer prediction with DeepLearning.
Main projects:
Project 1: Database design for an home renting system.
Project 2: Android app for drugs assumption reminder.
Main works:
Paper 1: Fake news detection study made for AI course.
Paper 2: Lecture notes for the Operative Systems course.
Paper 3: Lecture notes for the Database Design course.
Paper 4: Lecture notes for the Project Management course.
Paper 5: Lecture notes for the Embedded Systems course.
Paper 6: Lecture notes for the Computer Networks course.
Paper 7: Lecture notes for the Artificial Intelligence course.
Paper 8: Lecture notes for the Discrete Calculus course.
Paper 9: Lecture notes for the Probability course.
Paper 10: Lecture notes for the Electronics course.
Paper 11: Lecture notes for the Economy & Management course.
Paper 12: Lecture notes for the DeepLearning course.

High School ITIS C. Zuccante

Sep 2010 – Jun 2015 Mestre, Venice, Italy

Digital & Analogic Electronics, Electronic design, Systems and controls, Math, Physics, Italian history & literature.
Thesis: Sensor network for forest fires detection.

Professional Experience

Machine Learning Thesis Intern

Feb 2019 – Jul 2019 University of Padua

Machine Learning algorithms development for Healtcare problems.
Thesis: Alzheimer prediction with DeepLearning.

Part-time remote Software Developer

Dec 2018 – Jan 2019 WeStudents

Short collaboration with WeStudents the #1 app for highschool students. Android and NodeJS development.
Project: Gateway SMS. API service that send SMS.

Software and hardware developer (Intern)

Jun 2014 – Jul 2014 Studio Medici

Android development, Electronic design, SoldiWorks 3D Design.
Main project 1: Access Control, for attendance recording.
Main project 2: Android app that interfaces with devices for detecting the position of trucks.


Italian (Native)

English (C1)

Machine Learning Skills


Tensorflow 2.0 & Keras


Convolutional Neural Networks

Recurrent Neural Networks

Coding Skills


Android Development


VisualBasic .NET

Assembly(ARM and PIC)

Front & Back-End Skills

Database design(PostgreSql & MySql)


NodeJS & Javascript


Bootstrap 4 & WordPress

Software Develop. Tools

IDE Android Studio

Visual Studio Code

Jupyter Notebook




SublimeText 3



MATLAB for DeepLearning

IDE .NET Visual Studio

IDE Arduino

IDE MPLAB Assembly

IDE LabView

Electronic Design Tools

Eagle CAD



Altium Designer

Other Tools

Linux Ubuntu, Fedora

Oracle Virtual Box

Microsoft Office Word

Microsoft Office Power Point

Microsoft Office Excel

What I'm Learning


Feedforward Neural Networks

Convolutional Neural Networks

Recurrent Neural Networks



Generative Adversarial Network

Deep Reinforcement Learning

Y Combinator's Startup School

Leadership & Management

Business Development

Digital Marketing

English C2